Complexity of Chen Tai Chi

Tai Chi is complex, it truly goes well below what you see on TV or in the demos or in the public displays. Tai Chi is truly a martial art system as much as Taekwondo or Karate or even Wing Chun. You can even see the similarities between Tai Chi and other martial art systems.

New additions to the site

I’ve decided to add a few things like a new Wing Chun journal to document my Wing Chun progress and to keep me honest on my training schedule. I figure if I have to be responsible to my readers then I might can add more Wing Chun videos here that I can show of myself

I’m Back

Sp after some time, I’m back and I’ve been some thinking. First off, I’ve been doing some thinking about how I’m thinking. After watching the DDP wrestling video and hearing some of his thoughts, I’ve picked up on a few things. One thing was in changing the way you think. He made a comment about

Got my gamecube

I finally got my Nintendo Gamecube. I know it’s technically old but I love the games. Hopefully the Wind Waker game shows up tomorrow because I first thought it was terrible but as the years go by, I started to like it. Crazy huh? Well I had a Gamecube when they first came out and

Finally back to work

Just started on my Zaxxon game project. I’ll probably finish the Mobile version first because I’m more comfortable with the JAVA language. Of course the PC version will be written in Python so it shouldn’t be too hard because I know it to. The graphics should be fun to but I’m no graphic artist so

Time for a Change

I figured it was time to change the ole site and add new hings and give it a new look. Welcome to the new, the site where complete strangers can learn about me and maybe learn a few interesting facts along the way. I’ve decided to add a Choy Li Fut section which is